Ian Baird's reaction after spending a day with Adrian Davis in a sales training workshop. Ian has been in sales and stakeholder management for over 20 years. 

Cameron Hay, former CEO of Unitron, shares his experience using Whetstone services. 

Susan Dineen, former SVP Strategic Marketing for Sony Music, shares her perspective on Adrian Davis's training compared to the many other sales training programs she has taken through her career. This is "the most powerful" course she has ever taken!

Craig Timlick, President of School Specialty Canada, shares his perspective on Adrian's training program at his sales conference. 

John Clarkin, VP Sales, School Specialty, shares his appreciation for Adrian's unique approach to sales training.

Shelley Cooper, an experienced sales professional with ITW, reflects on Adrian Davis's sales training program compared to other programs she's taken throughout her career.

Bobby Sahni, Partner with Ethnicity, shares his experience taking Adrian Davis's sales training program.
James Cooley, a Sales Manager at iTW (an 18 billion dollar company headquartered in Chicago) shares his observations of Adrian Davis's sales training compared to other training he's taken in the past.

Mitacs COO responds to sales training from Adrian Davis. The Mitacs team is made up of mostly PhDs who are a tough audience to please as they scrutiinize content in a very exacting manner. 

John McMeans, VP RBC Canada, shares his perspective on Adrian's training. 

Marg Hachey, President of Duocom, shares the value her sales team got from Whetstone's training program.  

Robert Walesa, General Manager of Unitron Canada, reacts to Whetstone facilitating a program for his sales team.  

Peter Buchanan, Chair of The Executive Committee, shares his perspective on the value Adrian brought to his CEO peer group.

Adrian took the time to learn about my team and incorporated this learning into his presentation. By doing so, he demonstrated the value of listening and discovery. The team came away inspired and committed to executing... it’s clear that Adrian’s message, or rather “story-telling”, clearly resonated.
— Jacqueline Tavares, VP Business Services & Professionals, Commercial Financial Services, RBC
Adrian recently facilitated and added high value at a session for our company senior management and sales teams. Having been through several “sales trainings” in the past, I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. From day one and throughout the week, I was very impressed! Adrian brings great sales experience, a commanding facilitation presence, and presented a very effective framework that helped our team think through and adopt a different approach based on buying, not selling. He quickly earned the respect and attention of the room and contributed to our objective of advancing our sales process to the next level.
— Craig Suyematsu, Director, Business Strategy
Whetstone’s training was a career altering experience! Adrian provided me with the tools necessary to take my career to the next level - from Sales Person to Trusted Advisor. I was so impressed by Whetstone, that I encouraged another one of my employers to engage them to assist us with one of our corporate initiatives. It is a consensus that Adrian is the best facilitator that any of us have had the privilege of working with. I would not hesitate to engage with Adrian and Whetstone again and would encourage others to do so. His training will change the course of your organization!
— Natash Zanolin Scollard, Strategic Consultant, Mitacs
I attended Adrian’s keynote at the Ingram Micro VTN event in Orlando. It was a well done and engaging presentation, and it continues to play back in my head. Adrian made solid points on the type of relationship you have with your client and the correlation to profit you can expect. If you have the opportunity to hear Adrian present, don’t miss it! And take a look at his website - good stuff!
— Tom McDonald, President, NSI – Member Ingram Micro Advisory Council
Not only does Adrian have in-depth knowledge of sales, but he expertly presents that information so that listeners and watchers pay close attention. He always gives them actionable advice that they can apply to their sales and marketing efforts immediately. You do not get just theory when attending his events. Selling is Adrian’s passion, and he seems to love sharing what he knows with others so that they can benefit. The combination of enthusiasm, high level of expertise, and great presentation skills make him the perfect presenter on the topic.
— Michelle (Grabon) Davidson, Editor at RainToday.com
We are very pleased with Whetstone’s services. Having been on the receiving end of other sales training, I was curious to see how their approach and guidance may differ. I was impressed to see that careful consideration was given not only to our staff, but also our customers. Whetstone did an exceptional job presenting credible, insightful and logical information in a highly engaging fashion, which provides Creative Niche with a more systematic and customer driven approach to building new business.
— Stephen Hodges, President, Creative Niche
The methodology Adrian (and the Whetstone team) uses is logical, intelligent, easy to understand, and more importantly,
easy to implement.
— Lara Koretsky, Human Resources Manager, HOK
Adrian is a consummate professional with deep insight in sales and the sales process. He continues to deliver outstanding advice and has become a trusted advisor.
— Andre Mazerolle, Director, Client Development, Farber Financial Group
Adrian is not only a top-notch expert, he is also a generous, authentic individual whose wisdom and business acumen are unsurpassed. I engaged Adrian to help my company when we felt ‘stuck’ and unable to move to the next level. Adrian - with his patience and humour and unrelenting thoroughness - got us going. I highly recommend Adrian to anyone who is looking to hire someone who is not only a leading expert in their field but also a values-driven human being!
— Sharone Bar David, Bar-David Consulting
Partial client list.

Partial client list.